The Queensland Brain Institute is a vibrant, influential and world-renowned neuroscience institute with a strong team of early career researchers. Currently, approximately 210 early career researchers work at QBI  (~80 PhD students, ~130 postdoctoral researchers). Early career researchers are attracted to QBI because of the world class research, excellent infrastructure and facilities, and inspiring mentoring opportunities.  

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ECR Committee

In order to provide not only an initial point of contact with the QBI ECR community, but also to facilitate contact with QBI faculty, the QBI ECR committee was established in 2015.  If you have any questions, please email

From front, L to R: Rosina Giordano-Santini, Vanessa Lanoue, Conor O’Leary, Fabrice Turpin, Florence Cotel, Dan Blackmore, Peter Kozulin, Nela Durisic, Laura Fenlon, Rodrigo Suarez, Delphine Levy-Bencheton, Kathie Overeem, Martin Sale

QBI ECR Committee

Chair: Rosina Giordano-Santini
Deputy Chair: Nela Durisic 
Secretary: Vanessa Lanoue and Kathie Overeem
Treasurer: Fabrice Turpin
Teaching Subcommittee: Rodrigo Suarez (chair), Fanny de Busserolles, Florence Cotel, Conor O’Leary
Communications Subcommittee: Martin Sale (chair), Fabrice Turpin, Dan Blackmore
UQ ECR Symposium Subcommittee: Florence Cotel (chair), Rosina Giordano-Santini, Nela Durisic
Career Development Subcommittee: Fabrice Turpin (chair), Fanny de Busserolles, Rosina Giordano-Santini, Dan Blackmore
Grants/Funding Subcommittee: Conor O’Leary (chair), Rodrigo Suarez
Postdoc Breakfast Subcommittee: Fanny de Busserolles (chair), Florence Cotel, Lilach Avitan, Peter Kozulin
SPAM Subcommittee: Kathie Overeem (chair), Delphine Levy-Bencheton, Rodrigo Suarez

ECR Events

The ECR committee organises a variety of events throughout the year.  These include regular PhD student and postdoctoral researcher social meetings (SPAM), career development workshops, postdoctoral researcher breakfasts, and contributing to the organisation of the UQ ECR symposium.

QBI regularly hosts nationally and internationally recognised neuroscience researchers to present a seminar and meet with ECRs. A full list of the seminar series is available. ECRs can elect to have lunch in a small-group setting with the seminar speaker immediately after the seminar.  Please contact Martyna Grabowska ( if you are interested in doing so. 

Postdoc Breakfasts

Postdoc Breakfasts provide a friendly and informal networking environment for postdoctoral researchers. Postdocs and three to four faculty members are invited to join each breakfast to meet, engage and share their experiences about a predetermined topic. These breakfasts are also the perfect opportunity to introduce new postdocs and faculty members to the QBI postdoc community. 

•    Kick-off with a 20–30 min talk by faculties
•    Discussion and networking at each table over breakfast 
•    Time: Event runs from 8.30–10 am 
•    Venue: St Lucy’s CafĂ© on St Lucia campus
•    All QBI postdocs are invited; all costs covered by QBI 
•    3–4 faculties invited (rotates each breakfast)
•    Quarterly event 

Don’t miss the next breakfast! Emails are sent to postdocs prior to each event (detailed information and RSVP link included). For more information or to give feedback, please email Content is always open for suggestions and discussion. We would love to hear your feedback!

UQ ECR Symposium

Discuss | Network | Collaborate

ECRS (ECR Symposium) brings together life-science institutes from across Brisbane for a one-day symposium. Participants have various backgrounds, including engineering, chemistry, molecular biology, neuroimaging, cognitive science, and so on. The event provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about what other ECRs achieve in Brisbane, extend your network and start new collaborations in a friendly, vibrant environment.


A few facts about ECRS6, held Dec 4 2015:

  • 13 participating institutes
  • 300 registered guests
  • 2 plenaries by invited speakers
  • 12 oral presentations by ECRs
  • 74 posters presented by ERCs
  • Social mixer

Postdocs willing to participate in the organization of the symposium are always welcome. Please contact the QBI ECR committee.

Student and Postdoc Association Meeting 

The Student and Postdoc Association Meeting (SPAM) is a series of seminars that aims to showcase research being conducted at QBI or the broader UQ research community and provide practical information regarding science, research and academia as well as an opportunity to meet fellow students and early career researchers. SPAM events take place in a uniquely informal and relaxed environment that fosters open, active discussion among attendees and presenters. Every seminar is followed by some well-deserved time to unwind and socialise over drinks and food. SPAM is held every fortnight at 4pm in QBI's level 7 interaction area. Information concerning upcoming SPAM events can be found within “This Week at QBI” updates and emails sent to associated groups from the SPAM committee.

Career Development Workshops    

Career planning is one of the first steps to success, and the two main components to reach career goals are timing and information/knowledge. The QBI ECR Committee organises Career Development Workshops addressing important topics related to the development of ECRs' careers, with the aim of improving ECRs' knowledge on career planning and opportunities. 

Career Development Workshops are opened to all ECRs at UQ. Check the QBI events page regularly for upcoming workshops.